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The Rite of Re-Entry

Remember that scene from Apollo 13 when they’re trying to explain to the TV audience the danger that the Apollo 13 crew faces on re-entry? In their illustration, the earth is a basketball and the moon is a softball, approximately 14 feet apart. The announcer then holds a piece of […]

The Rite of Re-Entry2019-04-04T16:30:08-05:00

A Time To Mourn and a Time To Dance

My friends, I am still in deep mourning over Charlottesville and the evil manifested there. But as I often have occasion to say during worship services, “We are a large family, and even as we mourn with some we celebrate with others.”

Today there is reason to put on our dancing […]

A Time To Mourn and a Time To Dance2017-08-16T14:43:31-05:00

Oh God, How Long?

Talk about abominations. In one day both our nation and our state collude to deny the dignity and worth of transgender persons. How can this be? What do we do? When will it stop?


I haven’t even reached a point yet in which I can begin to formulate a plan of […]

Oh God, How Long?2017-08-09T12:16:41-05:00

After PULSE, MCC Clergy Bring Hope and Healing

On a warm spring morning just over a year ago, we were about to begin our 9:00 worship service when a terrible story began to unfold in news feeds and on Facebook. Only a few hours before, Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old security guard, killed 49 people and wounded 58 others in […]

After PULSE, MCC Clergy Bring Hope and Healing2017-08-09T12:12:11-05:00

Pride Goeth Before the Fall

I always have mixed feelings about PRIDE month. On the one hand, it’s necessary. On the other, I wish it wasn’t. On one hand, it provides a clear visual of how far we’ve come. (Did you see pictures of Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau with Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes, Pastor of […]

Pride Goeth Before the Fall2017-06-28T14:50:10-05:00

It’s Not Hot…It’s Hot AND Humid

Oh, my goodness! Have you noticed? Have you noticed how HOT it is? And for no extra charge, we’ve got an extra helping of humidity…

Now, this is not a complaint; this is an announcement. This is an announcement and an invitation.

It’s summer! And I’m inviting you to step into it […]

It’s Not Hot…It’s Hot AND Humid2017-06-07T11:55:45-05:00

Flaming Christians

I will admit right up front that I designed this title to grab your attention…and yes, I did have certain ones of you in mind ?

This Sunday we celebrate Pentecost, the “Birthday of the Church,” the recognition of the gift of the Holy Spirit. We use red to symbolize Pentecost […]

Flaming Christians2017-05-31T11:43:20-05:00

After Manchester

I have a special place in my heart for Rev. Ilene Brenner Dunn. Ilene is one of the wonderful people who tried to get the Presbyterian Church (USA) to ordain out gay clergy back when such a stance was a minority position. On a fall morning ten years ago, Ilene […]

After Manchester2017-05-25T17:06:39-05:00

Responding to the Chaos

One of my favorite passages in all literature comes near the end of A Tale of Two Cities. Miss Pross, longtime caretaker for Lucy and Dr. Manette, engages in mortal combat with Madame Defarge as Miss Pross tries to allow time for Lucy and her family to escape France and […]

Responding to the Chaos2017-05-18T11:59:38-05:00
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