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Rising Above Racism – August 5

When I was in seminary I took a course on feminist theology. One question that came up early and often for my classmates and me was “Do you consider yourself a feminist?” The question placed me in a little bit of a quandary. On the one hand, it was clear […]

Rising Above Racism – August 52020-08-05T17:16:29-05:00

For the Love of God and Neighbors…

“I’m so weary of the ‘call out’ culture. We need a call forth culture instead. Calling forth the best in people. Calling forth compassion, gratitude, empathy. Calling forth justice. Calling forth beauty, goodness, wonder. Calling forth courage.”

~ Diana Butler Bass

It’s been a difficult few weeks for […]

For the Love of God and Neighbors…2020-07-16T19:46:53-05:00

Isms and The Church

Since this is my first article for June, which is celebrated as PRIDE month, I want to share the story of a gay black woman.

Staceyann Chin grew up, as the title of her memoir tells us, on The Other Side of Paradise. She grew up on the impoverished side of […]

Isms and The Church2020-06-05T10:41:45-05:00

On My Mind Today — Twin Flames

This Sunday we celebrate Pentecost, the “Birthday of the Church,” the recognition of the gift of the Holy Spirit. We use red to symbolize Pentecost because it reminds us of the tongues of fire that descended on the crowd in Jerusalem fifty days after Easter.

Those flames are on my mind […]

On My Mind Today — Twin Flames2020-05-29T09:58:45-05:00

Happy Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and it’s not an accident that this Sunday we’ll finish our series on intimate relationships with “Closer than Close: Intimate Families.” Throughout the series I’ve tried to emphasize that all of our intimate human relationships can be understood in the context of the incarnation. Christianity is […]

Happy Valentine’s Day2020-02-13T14:23:56-06:00

Will We Choose a New Name for MCC Austin?

Dear Members and Friends of MCC Austin,

Most of you know that we have a Name Team that has been leading us through a process for considering a new name for our church. The Team began its work a year ago by surveying the congregation to see if people were open […]

Will We Choose a New Name for MCC Austin?2019-12-31T17:12:20-06:00

Christmasing Throughout the Year

Today I’m writing about two of my great loves—words and Karen Carpenter. Yesterday I was listening to Christmas music, and though I usually keep the volume at a nice low background level, I turn it up when one of the great voices comes on. As I sat listening to “Merry […]

Christmasing Throughout the Year2019-12-05T13:53:59-06:00

Anniversary 44 — We Can Celebrate Without You, But We Don’t Want To

It’s been 44 years since a dozen brave souls decided to bring to Austin Rev. Troy Perry’s vision for a Christian church that didn’t just accept LGBTQ+ people, but celebrated them. Thank God that those brave souls, almost all of whom have now passed from this earthly life, were followed […]

Anniversary 44 — We Can Celebrate Without You, But We Don’t Want To2019-10-03T12:16:02-05:00

A Rose By Any Other Name

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” Shakespeare penned centuries ago. I do not disagree. But I think, like many things, his claim is relative. Consider your grocery list—do you find yourself more excited about “coagulated milk protein” or “aged cheddar”? Would you rather spend […]

A Rose By Any Other Name2019-09-05T12:37:44-05:00

“We Didn’t Think Any Church Would Marry Us”

Last Thursday we got a call in the church office from a desperate wedding planner. She told us that the officiant the couple had hired had called the previous night and cancelled on them. The wedding was Saturday. Two days away.

I wasn’t available, but I offered the wedding planner several […]

“We Didn’t Think Any Church Would Marry Us”2019-07-30T17:08:27-05:00
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