“We agree that the way we behave towards one another is the fullest expression of what we believe.”



Acknowledging that God loves and accepts each one of us, we are committed to loving God and each other.  As we live joyfully in that love, we strive to practice patience, kindness, humility, and truthfulness as we interact with ourselves and with others.


Desiring to live as people of faith, we challenge ourselves and nurture others as we explore the radical, transforming love of Christ through prayer, service, and study.  We aspire to provide opportunities and support that reflect the different spiritual needs and faith journeys of our diverse community of faith.


Realizing that we are all members of God’s family, we celebrate, support, and nurture individuals, all committed relationships, our extended families, and the community.  We also seek to provide an environment where everyone is offered a place of belonging in which to create and promote loving and meaningful relationships.


Respecting and celebrating the diversity and differences in God’s creation, we seek to be a church that welcomes all of God’s children, striving to be inclusive of all people, and working to advance the unity of the Spirit.


Recognizing that God has called us to be truthful and authentic in all that we say and do, we acknowledge our accountability both to God and to each other in all our words and actions.  We also acknowledge that we have a responsibility to create an environment that fosters respect for each person and allows for truth to be handled in a graceful and loving manner.