I’ve had this dream that our new sanctuary would have a dedicated prayer space. In my mind, this space will serve as a place for people to pray with Deacons during communion or by themselves at any time. I’ve imagined water, candles, and a prayer wall.

At first, I thought the prayer wall might be an actual stone wall like the Western Wall in Jerusalem. It didn’t take long to realize how impractical that was, and I finally settled on a wooden wall. A wooden wall would be warm and earthy and people could place their written prayers in its nooks and crannies.

One of the friends of our congregation took my idea and sketched it out for me and offered to build it. The picture below is not exactly what our wall will look like, but it’s close enough to give you an idea.

This wall is why I need 500 pieces of wood. We are going to create the wall with all different hues and textures of native and other wood. I’d like you to have a chance to add to it. Anything that you want to add, we can take. Raw, painted, stained, carved…We’ll take whatever you bring (please not more than 12”X12”X12”” in size) and shape and finish it to fit into our prayer wall.

You can bring the wood to the church at any time and put it in my office for safekeeping. Please know that you will not get the original piece or any scraps of it back. Also, know that we will cut and finish it however is best for fitting it into the wall. That means your piece may not be recognizable, but it will be there.

Here are some examples of pieces you might bring: a limb from a tree with sentimental value, a wooden baseball bat, a small section of a bench or rocking chair or other piece of furniture, a piece of flooring, a butcher’s block, a fence post, a baseball bat, an oar…if it has value to you, we’ll find a spot for it.